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Perfectly Tailored

Our seedboxes are carefully tailored and configured to cover all your needs, while they don't sufficate the servers or underperform.

Money-Back Guarantee

During the first week of your service, you can ask for a refund. That's how confident we are about our seedboxes.

Plenty of Bandwidth

Everyone hates boundaries! So do we! We have a big range of plans, starting from our metered plans of 2TB of upload traffic per month, up to 18TB per month! Download traffic is always unmetered to all plans!

HTTP Proxy

A standard http proxy is provided in addition to our complimentary vpn access, in cases where you want to proxy only the browser traffic.


Surf the web anonymously using our complimentary OpenVpn Service. All your home pc traffic gets tunneled through your seedbox thus anonymizing your real host.

Installable Apps

You can install additional pre-selected open source applications to your account, with a click of a button!

Client Control Panel

Monitor and configure every aspect of your service, from within a custom made client control panel.

Awesome Support

Every box comes with monsterous support! An advanced and full featured knowledgebase along with a support ticketing system guarantees answers within minutes

Instant Setup

What are you waiting for? You can have your own account within 1-2 minutes!