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Red Dragon Box

Server Location The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands
Disk space 400GB 600GB 800GB 1200GB 1700GB 2950GB
Server Downlink 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps
Server Uplink 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps 20Gbps
Plex Support Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
HTTP Proxy Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
VPN Access
OpenVPN, L2TP and Softether protocols supported.
Multiple simultaneous connections from different devices
Multiple locations available around the globe (free of charge for limited time)
Simultaneous VPN Connections 2 2 3 4 5 5
One click APPs installation Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Upload traffic 3TB /month 6TB /month 10TB /month 14TB /month 20TB /month 30TB /month
Prepay months: 13.95/mo 18.95/mo 24.95/mo 34.95/mo 49.95/mo 74.95/mo
42 Available 27 Available 17 Available 9 Available 3 Available 4 Available

Check out our monster-crafted features!

Perfectly Tailored

Our seedboxes are carefully tailored and configured to cover all your needs, while they don't suffocate the servers or underperform.

Money-Back Guarantee

During the first week of your service, you can ask for a refund. That's how confident we are about our seedboxes.

Plenty of Bandwidth

Everyone hates boundaries! So do we! We have a big range of plans, starting from plans of 3TB of upload traffic per month, up to 30TB per month! Download traffic is always unmetered to all plans!

HTTP Proxy

A standard http proxy is provided in addition to our complimentary vpn access, in cases where you want to proxy only the browser traffic.

Awesome VPN

Surf the web anonymously using our complimentary VPN Service. All your home pc traffic gets tunneled through the vpn server thus anonymizing your real host. All plans include minimum 2 simultaneous connections or more. We support the OpenVPN, L2TP and Softether protocols, thus enabling native access from all your devices at the same time! Multiple locations around the world are also available.

Installable Apps

You can install additional pre-selected open source applications to your account, with a click of a button! Some of the apps that are included are Couchpotato, Sickbeard, Sabnzbdplus, BTSync, Owncloud, Subsonic and Madsonic

Client Control Panel

Monitor and configure every aspect of your service, from within a custom made client control panel.

Awesome Support

Every box comes with monsterous support! An advanced and full featured knowledgebase along with a support ticketing system guarantees answers within minutes

Instant Setup

What are you waiting for? You can have your own account within seconds!

Let us show what you've been missing from any other provider

You can have your own seedbox in a matter of minutes!

Frequently asked questions

Money Back Guarantee - Refunds

During the first week of your service, you have the right for a refund. This refund is prorated, meaning you will be charged only for the days you used the service.

Are there any important differences between plans?

All our plans are hosted on the same servers, and include all features that we currently support and will support in the future. The only difference is their disk space and bandwidth allotment.

Where are the servers hosted?

Our servers are owned by us, and colocated in the Netherlands. Our network is uncongested, utilises the following carriers: Level3, NTT, Cogent and we are connected to the AMS-IX, LNIX and many private peerings

Do you provide shell access?

Yes we provide SSH access (shell) to all our seedboxes.

What happens if i use all my monthly upload traffic?

Your slot will continue to operate normally, but your uplink speed will be limited to 2-5Mbit/sec. In this case, you are able to buy additional upload traffic from within your client area, which is transferable to the next month if not used completely.

Can i install additional programs in my slot?

Each slot comes with a selection of open source software available to cover most of your needs. If what you need, does not require many server resources, you are free to install it. Encoding/Decoding video software, is not allowed though for this reason.

Payment methods and billing terms ?

We currently accept paypal, bitcoin and credit cards. We offer the option to pre-pay for 3,6 or 12 months. Prepayment has the advantage of a discounted price and/or extra features (ex. more bandwidth). You will be presented of the available options during signup.

How can i transfer files to my home computer?

Our slots support FTP, encrypted FTP (FTP with explicit TLS), SFTP (File transfer over SSH) and SSH. You can use all these methods to connect to your slot, and transfer files to or from it.

How fast can i get a seedbox?

Within minutes! Our slots are provisioned automatically, as soon as we receive your payment.

How many users per server?

What really matters is how many users we put per hard disk. Although it depends on the plans, we never put more than 5 users per hard disk. Furthermore we have introduced a plan (Red Dragon Box 3TB) which is hosted on a dedicated 3 TB disk, with no other users on it